I am a Canadian artist who plays with time, energy, gesture and layers. Some of my current work draws inspiration from the street. I’m fascinated with unexpected beauty that emerges from time’s harsh effects on surfaces. They become worn and weathered, then layered by random human interferences. Evidence of invisible energy that is symbolic of our life experience. In this environment I note the stark contrast created by things as yet untouched, such as the silent, silken evening gowns that glow pure in designer’s shop windows...full of promise.

My work process includes scavenging house paint, street poster remnants - whatever serves my purpose - then introducing these materials to each other on a common plane. I work on wood surfaces that can withstand the execution delivered with tradesmen’s trowels, scrapers, and power tools.

Tapping into the visible and invisible layering of time.

I studied in Chicago with Henk Krijger, a renowned Dutch artist whose delight and mastery in many visual disciplines imbedded a lasting influence. I continued at the Ontario College of Art and Design finding a vibrant art scene, and gratefully studied under many respected working artists: Fred Hagan, Gus Weisman, Nobuo Kubota, Tom Dean, Udo Kasemets and Dan Solomon are a few. Notable was Tom Hodgson, a member of Painters Eleven. Tom's restless quest for seeing things anew along with his mantra of  'Art is Process' has been a valuable guide in my ongoing explorations. 

Education: Ontario College of Art & Design  (Graduated with Honourable Mention)